"In a true democracy, the highest office is citizen." - Ralph Nader

Who am I?

I am a Jewish home maker and former pharmacy technician, as well as the Director of the Napa Institute For Peace. I was born in Los Angeles and raised in Napa, California, where I studied first photography and then physical sciences. My studies brought me to Chico, California where I met my beautiful wife of 17 years, who is my everything. I have three wonderful children, aged 25, 17 and 14. I became a home maker after a back injury forced me to stop working, and after a long period of rehabilitation, my unemployment ran out during the economic crisis following the 2008 housing crash. So you see, I'm not a lawyer or intelligence official, I'm a pissed off voter. Just like you.
After decades of political frustration, in 2016 when Bernie Sanders seemed like a sure thing, I became aware of just how much influence corporations have over our political system and ran for Congress for the first time in 2018 as part of a movement to get rid of corporate money in our political system. Between climate crisis, state sponsored violence and deprivation of housing and healthcare, I believe that we MUST free ourselves of the corrupt corporate parties. Neither of them are working for you, no matter how nice their speeches sound. And I think there's a lot of agreement on that from the left AND the right. Not too long ago, everyone knew that politicians were liars. Nowadays people seem to only believe the other side is lying, and that is part of a vicious cycle that keeps us all down- except the top 10%.

Medicare For All

I believe that healthcare is a human right. By cutting out the middleman (private insurance companies) and negotiating the prices of drugs, we can provide expanded healthcare to everyone, and save money doing it.

A Livable Minimum Wage

Franklin Delano Roosevelt said “No business which depends for existence on paying less than living wages to its workers has any right to continue in this country”. I believe in indexing the minimum wage to the cost of living, so that it is always a livable wage.

Oppose Wars

I oppose all wars, military interventions and sanctions except under the gravest of circumstances. The reality is that our country fights wars to increase the profits of the very wealthy and frequently uses the excuse of helping people to manufacture consent. And yet those people are usually left worse off than before. Instead I believe we can use the US military to rebuild countries, to dig wells and irrigation channels and to remove landmines left behind by past wars.

Immigration Reform

I believe that immigrants who have been living in the United States for years are entitled to citizenship, not a figurative "path to citizenship". Furthermore, we should be helping Latin American countries develop stronger economies instead of exploiting them. US foreign policy causes the lion share of immigration.

Criminal Justice Reform

The US has more people in jail than any country in the world, and the vast majority are people of color. The system itself is racist and needs to be redesigned in a way that protects all people, including police officers.

Climate Crisis

Our government has failed to address the climate crisis adequately. It has failed to even try. We should be phasing out fossil fuels and helping low-income families get electric vehicles. We should be converting airplanes and cruise ships to solar powered planes and ships. Instead, we're still fighting wars over oil and fighting with Russia over their share of the European energy market.

Media Reform

Media deregulation has led to five corporations owning every major outlet, and media personalities are behaving as partisan operatives. This is simply not acceptable. We need to break up the major media corporations, reinstate the Fairness Doctrine and abolish the Telecommunications Act of 1996.

Prohibit Big Money In Politics

Money is not speech and corporations are not people. It is a clear sign of corruption that the Supreme Court ruled that they are. We need to pass a constitutional amendment publicly funding elections and banning big money.

Tuition-Free College Education

College used to be basically free. It has since been turned into a racket, leaving millions of students up to their ears in student debt when they are just starting out in life. A small tax on Wall St trading can pay for all college education, and doing that will invest money in the people instead of the banks and inject billions of dollars into our economy.

Tax The Rich

For almost 40 years prior to the Reagan presidency, the United States used a tax rate on the most wealthy that varied from 70%- as high as 95% during WWII. Under Dwight Eisenhower the rate did not drop below 91% and under Richard Nixon it did not drop below 70%. Reducing this rate has forced our economy to shrink, and that has forced cuts and stunted growth to programs that benefit tens of millions of people.

Legalize Cannabis

I have been speaking out on this issue since college. Cannabis is less harmful and less addictive than alcohol, tobacco or opiates. The criminalization of cannabis has been a racist policy used to arrest and/or deport people of color for almost 100 years. And even though many states have legalized it in the last few years, cannabis arrests have actually gone up. It's time to end that.


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